Shipping Agency

Shipping Agency

Handling various port calls annually via our extensive network of own offices and sub-agencies, our Agency Division has been growing in strength since the commencement based on our uncompromising quality of services and unbiased reporting. With real time updates and close liaison with all concerned, we provide a smooth turnaround for all vessels, keeping our principals always in control of the port operations. E3R offers services as Owners Agents, Charterers Nominated Agents or as Charterers / Owners / Shippers / Receivers Protective Agents.

Senior marine personnel man our offices and highly experienced staffs,who are equipped to handle all kinds of issues pertaining to a vessels port call. Continuous in-house training and pre-induction deputation to other commercial departments with-in the organization gives our operations executives’ useful knowledge of relevant Charter Party clauses, which enhances their understanding of the principal’s expectations from an Agent.

A centralized control from the head office in Chennai ensures that our principals receive the advantages of fluent communications and a single point of contact for all matters including operations, finance and any other vessel requirements. Our competent staff in close liaison with the port office concerned handles all queries promptly.

The extensive data bank that we maintain for various commodities moving in / out of India and reports generated therein are relied upon by all major Trading Houses and Ship Owners across the world.

In-keeping with the growing demands of the Indian / Global market and to cater best to our client's specific requirements, the division is segregated into the following desks which operates for various companies:

  • DRY Desk: For handling all Dry commodities including Fertilizers, Ore, Metals, Coal, Coke, etc.
  • TANKER Desk: For handling Clean Petroleum Products, Crude, Chemicals, Liquefied gases, etc.
  • AGRI Desk: For handling all Agri-commodities including Veg Oils, Molasses, Sugar, Meals, Grains, etc.
  • CREW CARE & SPARES Desk: For handling crew changes, medical emergencies, spares delivery and other such husbandry requirements
  • ENQUIRY Desk: For prompt handling of queries from our principals pertaining to port operations, restrictions, load / discharge rates, estimated PDA, etc.

Agency Service

A Strong-shipping agency has been in our network for years catering end-to-end to the principal's vessel needs. E3R Logistics ensures appropriate usage of our principals' funds, thereby cordial relationships and constant liaison with port authorities, customs and others. This makes it possible to achieve a quick and smooth turnaround time and ease of operation.

Customs Clearance Services

  • Committed to achieve customer satisfaction.
  • Highly efficient working procedures.
  • Experience in handling different commodities.
  • Customer-centric policy and actions approach.
  • Complete documentation.
  • IT enabled system.