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E3R Bulk Logistics division was established to create a competitive value added services between a customer’s terrestrial logistic supply chain and the international marine supply chain. Where practicable we provide a full range of maritime logistic solutions and services for mining companies, raw material suppliers, traders, ECP contractors, Powers stations, industrial customers, Ports & Harbour. We specialize in handling of dry bulk materials at sea, floating cranes, floating transshipment vessels and intermediate supply chain solutions with tugs & barges.

E3R Bulk Logistics Mission is to provide customized cost effective marine supply chain services aimed at bridging the gap between suppliers or receivers and the ocean freight market. E3R Bulk Logistics offers complete solutions including ocean transportation transshipment, barging and coastal transportation using a state of the art transshipment vessels. With our partners, E3R Bulk Logistics provides a global network of experience related to marine supply chain solutions for industrial customers.

Our Vision is to:

  • Develop new markets and uses of our technology and products for our customers.
  • Develop globally through diversity and regional partnerships.
  • Build capacity from our existing knowledge operations.
  • Employ technology to improve the way we work.
  • Become our customers’ marine logistic supplier of choice.
  • Enhance our regional & global reputation as your preferred partner.

Barges for Carrying Rock Boulders

With the rise in resorts and reclamation of various islands and proportionally the construction activities, the demand for rock boulders, aggregates and other construction materials is high in the Maldives. Most of these materials are sourced from various stone quarries from South India and transported by sea. These boulders vary in dimensions ranging from 600 KG to 1000 KG and require barges with carrying capacity from 2000 DWT to 3500 DWT, which we provide.

Barges with low draft are used in transportation currently, as most of the loading and unloading docks are located in shallow waters.

These operations in India mainly work out of Tuticorin with some docks in Mangalore, Kakinada, Kannur etc. The port of Tuticorin, located in South India, is most preferred by suppliers currently.