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E3R Logistics is a Limited Liability Company having its corporate office in Chennai, India. E3R is a diversified shipping and freight forwarding company with offices in Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and affiliated agents in other parts of the world since 2014.whatever be your logistics and freight forwarding requirements are, you can always expect professional approach and immediate response from us. We offer genuine and cost effective solution for all your freight forwarding and logistics needs.

E3R Logistics offers Land Transportation, Air Freight, Ocean Freight, Break bulk, Personal Effect Managements and Feeder services covering Colombo / JNPT / Karachi / Jebel Ali. Our experience and expertise in this domain is building us to be the trusted and recognized names in this field. Though sea freight is our area of expertise, we are equally good in transporting commodities via air around the world and via road within India. Furthermore, we are offering consolidated trailer movements to and fro Karnataka, Andhra, Telengana, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu for Bitumen and other major aggregates. We are fully equipped with modern technologies and have extensive network that has endowed us with an ability to offer ingenious solutions to complex issues even in adverse situations. We have a team of dedicated and trained professionals who can ensure the safety and security of your cargo.

We are very much pleased to be a part of worldwide valuable agents. We are a Quality Management Company, ensuring the quality of our work satisfies all the requirements of our clients. Trust E3R Logistics to be your hassle free Transportation of your Cargo and Supply Chain Service Provider.


  • Strategic network optimization, including the number, location, and size of warehouses, distribution centers and facilities.
  • Strategic partnership with suppliers, distributors, and customers.
  • Product designs coordination so that new and existing products can be optimally integrated into the supply chain and load management.
  • Information Technology infrastructure to support supply chain operations.
  • Where-to-make and what-to-make-or-buy decisions.
  • Aligning overall organizational strategy with supply strategy.


  • Sourcing contracts and other purchasing decisions.
  • Production decisions including contracting, locations, scheduling, and planning process definition.
  • Inventory decisions including quantity, location and quality of inventory.
  • Transportation strategy including frequency, routes and contracting.
  • Benchmarking of all operations.
  • Milestone payments.


  • Daily production and distribution planning.
  • Production scheduling for each manufacturing facility in the supply chain (minute by minute).
  • Demand planning and forecasting, coordinating the demand forecast of all customers and sharing the forecast with all suppliers.
  • Sourcing planning, including current inventory and forecast demand, in collaboration with all suppliers.
  • Inbound operations - transportation from suppliers and receiving inventory.
  • Production operation.
  • Outbound operations -- fulfilment activities and transportation to customers.
  • Order promising, accounting for all constraints in the supply chain, including all suppliers, manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, and other customers.